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Ironing out the wrinkles in brain iron
Managing brain manganese
Congratulations to Brittany Steimle for her award at the FASEB Conference, "Trace Elements in Biology and Medicine." Brittany received the recognition for the best poster and poster presentation at this international meeting. Read up on her work and award at http://medicine.buffalo.edu/news_and_events/research-news.host.html/content/shared/smbs/news/2018/09/steimle-kosman-manganese-brain-8913.detail.html
Congratulations to Dr. Changyi Ji, our most recent graduate on her recently published paper in Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology: This work was brought to completion thanks to the efforts of current lab members, Brittany Stiemle and Danielle Terry.

"The Ferroxidase Hephaestin But Not Amyloid Precursor Protein is Required for Ferroportin-Supported Iron Efflux in Primary Hippocampal Neurons."

You can find this publication at
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